Lobby Day December 2

With more than 50 activists from Virginia, and at least another 1,200 from around the country, Pro-Choiceers made a huge impact yesterday on Capital Hill, rallying and lobbying our elected officials to ensure that the Senate’s version of a Healthcare Reform bill does not include any type of abortion coverage ban (aka anything similar to the Stupak-Pitts amendment introduced and passed in the House), and that the final Healthcare Reform Bill doesn’t either. While the status quo, as codified by the Hyde Amendment prohibits any federal dollars from funding abortions, the Stupak amendment prohibits any private insurance provider participating in the exchange from covering abortion services as well. This means women’s own private plans, paid for by private money, don’t cover reproductive health care services, and will detrimentally affect all women. We must act now to stop it!

Please take five minutes to call your elected representative and tell them you don’t want any Abortion Coverage Bans in the Healthcare Reform Bill! We were told yesterday that all of their offices are keeping tallies so your phone call is especially important!

Senator Webb:(202)-224-4024
Senator Warner: (202) 224 2023
Representative Rick Boucher: (202)-225-3861
Representative Tom Perriello:(202) 225-4711
Representative Rob Wittman: 202-225-4261
Representative Glenn Nye: 202-225-4215
Representative Bobby Scott: 202-225-8351
Representative J. Randy Forbes: 202-225-6365
Representative Bob Goodlatte: 202-225-5431
Representative Eric Cantor: 202-225-2815
Representative Jim Moran: 202-225-4376
Representative Frank R. Wolf: 202-225-5136
Representative Gerald E. (Gerry) Connolly: 202-225-1492


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