Medically Inaccurate Information in our own Schools?

pamOn Thursday, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia got word that Pam Stenzel, the well-known abstinence-only speaker will be coming to the Henrico County School District, and ‘performing’ at Freeman High School on Tuesday afternoon. While the Commonwealth promotes abstinence-only education as part of its Family Life Education cirricula, Ms. Stenzel’s program also includes egregiously medically inaccurate information. Our students need the truth, and our students need accurate facts in order to make educated decisions about their reproductive health!

Here’s the letter we sent to our members who live in the County, asking them to take action. If you live in Henrico County, please take action NOW. The Assembly is scheduled for tomorrow:

“Birth control makes her 10 times more likely to contract a disease…This girl could end up sterile or dead.”
Pam Stenzel, “Sex Still Has A Price Tag.” (

You and I know this comment isn’t true. But our teens and pre-teens don’t. They need REAL sex education; they need medically-accurate, evidence-based information. And in order to make smart decisions to protect their reproductive health, they need the TRUTH.

But, this lie about birth control is exactly what “Health Educator” Pam Stenzel is telling our youth. And Pam Stenzel, an anti-choice and medically-inaccurate abstinence-only speaker is coming right to our school district tomorrow!

Pam Stenzel is on record stating the following- both live in presentations and on her website (
1. Abortion causes anorexia, bulimia, depression, and suicide.
2. Girls facing unintended pregnancies should go visit Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which we know give intentionally deceptive and medically inaccurate information to fulfill an anti-choice agenda.
3. Birth control- pills, patches, and shots- leads to higher rates of sexually transmitted infections and possible sterility and death.
4. Condoms don’t prevent the contraction of Chlamydia.
5. Her website links to which tells visitors that abortion causes breast cancer, infertility, and permanent psychological damage. Her website also sites the egregiously anti-choice Family Foundation as her ‘friend.’

We need your help to make sure our teens hear the truth at public school assemblies! But right now, Pam Stenzel is scheduled to speak at Freeman High School tomorrow.

As tax payers, we cannot support the use of public school time to promote medical inaccuracies and a political agenda thinly disguised as sex education. And as parents, and community members, we cannot allow our school district to support these lies. That’s why we’re asking you to take action!

Please call the school district and send Freeman High School’s principal an email tonight! Tell these community leaders that you don’t support Pam Stenzel speaking at Freeman High tomorrow. Tell them that her medically inaccurate statements don’t prevent sexually transmitted infections and teen pregnancies. They only promote risky behaviors.
Act now!
1. Call Superintendant Patrick Russo at (804) 652-3600
2. Call High School Coordinator Eric Jones at (804) 652-3600
3. Call Principal of Douglas Freeman High School, Anne Poates at (804) 673 3700
4. Email Principal Anne Poates at

Please, Act Now!
Thank you for all you do,

Emily, and the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Team


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  1. Dan says:

    You are WRONG the greatest advice that can be given to our children is not to have sex in the first place. Who cares if a couple stats are old or off slightly. If teens are not having sex there is ZERO chance of teen pregnancy and ZERO chance they will contract an STD. Stop trying to look for excuses for our children to have sex. The fact is her information is solid and it can be backed up. No SEX equals safe period.

  2. Neil says:

    If you are going to quote Pam, please quote her accurately. You’ve failed to do this. Pam didn’t say using birth control will make a woman 10 times more likely to contract an STD. She said that using the pill will make a woman 10 times more likely to contract an STD. And if you look at the context of what she said she implies and states because many women who use the pill fail to use other forms of contraception and as a result end up with an STD. Those women are definitely and indeed more likely to end up with a disease that if left untreated will result in sterility or in an extreme case death.

    Also the five assertions you state she said are accurate, and statistics will back her up. It obviously is not going to happen in every case; she doesn’t infer that conclusion in her presentation, but you in stating these as claims accuse her inaccurately of this. And with her being pro-life of course she is not going to refer people to Planned Parenthood or any other abortion providing agency. Have some common sense there!!

  3. Brian says:

    I see her credentials and education where are yours???

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