What’s Next for the Commonwealth?

After watching last night’s dismal election results, we woke up this morning, determined to see the good that has come from yesterday’s pro-choice defeats. By and large, the election results don’t bode well for the reproductive rights community. However, we think there are several silver linings to consider, cheer about, and use as an incentive to get to work!

First off, we must offer a monumental thank you to you, our members. You volunteered your time and energy to NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and our endorsed candidates. Whether you visited our blog, followed us on Twitter, shared YouTube videos our your Facebook page, knocked doors, made phone calls, or donated financial resources, your efforts are greatly appreciated and noticed. All said and done, our Pro-Choice Team made more than 11,000 phone calls, and knocked on more than 2,500 doors. Many of the House of Delegate races would not be as close as they were, were it not for your actions.

Secondly, there are some pieces of good news from yesterday’s results:
1. Of the 38 candidate’s that our Political Action Committee endorsed, 22 of them emerged victorious, giving us a 58% winning record.
2. We have turned the 93rd House District pro-choice with the election of Robin Abbott, who has unseated Phil Hamilton.
3. We also have several new, proudly pro-choice candidates who will replace retired leaders, including Mark Keam(Vienna), Kaye Kory (Fairfax Co. ), Scott Surovell (Alexandria), Patrick Hope (Arlington), and Betsy Carr (Richmond). Our congratulations go out to all of them.

And, we have a large dose of pro-choice momentum to win back both Ken Cuccinelli’s and Ken Stolle’s Senate seats in two upcoming special elections. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as those contests move along. We must build on the momentum coming from yesterday’s defeats; we must mobilize Virginians to vote their pro-choice values and earn two new reproductive rights advocates seats in the Senate. Stay tuned!

Our Commonwealth may have elected three staunchly anti-choice leaders for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General, but it’s time to pick ourselves up, dust off our shoulders, and recognize there’s work to be done. We haven’t let the election of staunchly, anti-choice zealots stop us before, and we certainly won’t let it happen now. Too much is at stake, and the women and families of Virginia need us.

Again, thank you for all you already do. We’ll be letting you know about what the next few months look like shortly.


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