Letter to the Editor in Roanoke Times!

Congrats to being published in the Roanoke Times, Swarna.

Ken Cuccinelli won’t protect women’s freedoms

Ken Cuccinelli won’t protect women’s freedoms

I got so mad when I heard about Bob McDonnell’s anti-woman views and thought it couldn’t get any worse. But Republican candidate for attorney general Ken Cuccinelli came along — boasting about being called “one of the staunchest … conservatives the Old Dominion has to offer.”

It disturbs me that just two years ago, Cuccinelli co-patroned HB 2797, which defined human life as starting from the moment of fertilization and classified embryos as people, and he wants to outlaw abortions even in cases of rape or incest.

He’s spent his state Senate career repeatedly opposing reproductive rights. Last year, he sponsored an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood’s services that tremendously benefit women. And thanks to him, the state Department of Motor Vehicles now sells “choose life” license plates, directly funneling money into deceptive crisis pregnancy centers that disseminate medically inaccurate information.

Cuccinelli has a personal agenda: to chip away women’s freedoms. As a Virginia woman who’s sick of politicians meddling with my basic rights, my vote on Nov. 3 is for Steve Shannon, who won’t let government take over women’s minds and bodies.



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