Week of Action to Expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Don’t Be Tricked, Be Treated!

We were so excited to see the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Choices Campus Leadership Program is planning a Week of Action to expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers!

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are fake clinics that are most often run by anti-choice and religiously-affiliated organizations and staffed by volunteers, most of whom are not medically-licensed. They usually offer free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, pregnancy option counseling, short-term healthcare and material assistance, and often have ties to adoption agencies.

Though they claim to be unbiased and supportive, the fundamental goal of most CPCs is to prevent women from exploring their reproductive health options, which they do by providing medically inaccurate and intentionally deceptive information on reproductive health, fetal development, contraception, and abortion. They push women to delay decision-making by suggesting the likelihood of a miscarriage and by estimating gestational development incorrectly so that women are less able to obtain an abortion.

There are more than 58 of these deceptive, fake clinics in Virginia (a map of these centers is available here). For more information on CPC’s, feel free to visit the links at the end of this post!

The week of action is scheduled for October 25-31st and is titled “Don’t Get Tricked, Get Treated.” The Feminist Majority has some great ideas, including a haunted clinic, a film screening, and our favorite, a photo campaign slide show! Check out all the great ideas they have here, and feel free to use them even if you aren’t on a campus—CPCs everywhere need to be exposed!

More Information on CPCs:

Common Crisis Pregnancy Center Tactics—deceptive tactics CPCs typically employ.

Where You Can Go For Comprehensive, Unbiased Crisis Pregnancy Help—Websites of organizations that can offer judgment-free, medically accurate information as you make a decision about an unintended pregnancy

Eleven Common Crisis Pregnancy Center Lies—Some of the common lies that CPCs tell women, as well as factually-cited responses to such erroneous claims.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the Media

We Want To Hear From You—Learn more about how you can take action and share your own stories about CPCs!

True Stories of women’s experiences with CPCs.

National Abortion Federation (NAF) CPC Fact Sheet.


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