A ‘Rust-y’ Record on Choice

rustWe’ve been busy talking to voters in House District 86 about Stevens Miller but we wanted to make sure to give everyone access to what we know about Delegate Tom Rust’s record on choice and reproductive health care. While he continues to claim he is a moderate, and works to promote a bi-partisan agenda, we’ve only seen him cater to the right when it comes to his work in Richmond. More importantly, he has voted on at least 17 anti-reproductive healthcare bills, including the following:

  1. Rust voted in favor of 2007 Budget Amendment 4-5.04 to prohibit Medicaid funding in cases of rape, incest, and profound fetal abnormality.
  2. Rust voted in favor of 2002 HB563 which would have allowed health care providers to refuse to dispense emergency contraception in emergency rooms and pharmacists to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions.
  3. Rust voted in favor of 2007 HB 1883 to require abortion clinics to face TRAP laws- targeted regulation of abortion providers. This would have effectively shut down almost, if not all, clinics in Virginia, attempting to hold them to architectural standards that most medical clinics do not meet.
  4. Rust voted in favor 2006 HB 164 for the Family Life Education to include abstinence as ‘the accepted norm’ and that ‘heterosexual marriage’ must be honored.

For a complete listing of all of his anti-choice bills, visit: http://www.naralva.org/action/rustsrecord.shtml

We know that voters in the 86th district want  a pro-choice delegate, and we know that the residents of the Commonweath need a pro-choice house. It’s why we’re working so hard for Stevens Miller.


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