Chris Stolle and The Family Foundation

Score CardChris Stolle, the staunchly anti-choice and anti-reproductive healthcare challenger in the 83rd district, who also happens to be an OB-GYN, seems to have some support coming to him from… The Family Foundation. Apparently, Family Foundation volunteers have been out in the district in full force, visiting community spaces, including churches, and handing out ‘legislative score cards’ that portray Delegate Joe Bouchard’s record. It’s a record that NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is quite proud of, as Delegate Bouchard has earned a 100% on NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s Legislative Scorecard.  

We’ve pasted in a copy of the scorecard the Family Foundation is using when they’re registering people to vote, with the caveat that people should “Vote Their Values.” Let’s turn that slogan right back on them and ensure that our values of protecting women’s access to safe, affordable, and comprehensive reproductive healthcare remain an option for members of the 83rd House District as well as all Virginians. To get involved in the Bouchard campaign, please call Erik at (757) 226 0427.


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