A little more about McDonnellism #5

Here’s McDonnellism #5: McDonnell voted against HB1015 which required public schools to teach the importance of seeking medical attention after a rape. We thought we’d expand on this one a bit.

The vote on HB1015 was on the Family Life Education Act. It read, in it’s final form, “Family life education. Adds steps to take to avoid sexual assault and the availability of counseling and legal resources, and, in the event of such sexual assault, the importance of immediate medical attention and advice, as well as legal requirements to those items that the Board of Education is to include in its curriculum guidelines for family life education. Pursuant to the Standards of Accreditation (8 VAC 20-131-170), local school boards are authorized to implement the Standards of Learning for the Family Life Education program promulgated by the Board of Education or a Family Life Education program consistent with the Board’s guidelines, which shall have the goals of “reducing the incidence of pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases and substance abuse among teenagers.”

Bob McDonnell voted against the bill in its final format, as detailed above. Luckily, his vote didn’t harm its future- the bill passed.  But, because of Bob and 47 other Delegates, it was a close vote, and could have prevented teens from knowing crucial information about their health and safety.


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