McDonnellism #4: More details

Let’s get this one straight. In 2002, Bob McDonnell was one of 13 committee members who voted to kill SB623, a bill that would have allowed women to obtain the ‘morning after’ pill, aka emergency contraception, without a doctors prescription (something that is now federal law), because McDonnell “noted that some people who believe life begins at conception consider the drug an abortion pill. If they are right, he said, the bill would run afoul of the parental notification abortion law.”  (History of SB623, 2003 and AP, 02/19/02).

Just to reiterate this one, which continues to leave us shaking our heads, Bob McDonnell decided to deny women access to emergency contraception because of parental notification laws, deciding that the possible esistence of a one-day old fertilized egg deserves rights? What about the women who are facing an unintended pregnancy, Bob? What about women who have been victims of rape and incest? Where’s your legislation to support women?

If you’re really telling us that your 20 year old thesis hasn’t influenced your legislative initiatives, please try again. This vote to defeat SB623 rings of the exact same ideology as that expressed in your thesis. Bob McDonnell wrote that birth control for married couples is illogical. And he voted that way too, as recently as 2002.


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