Romney and Rove for Barbara Comstock

With deep ties to the anti-choice and anti-reproductive healthcare right, Barbara Comstock is going all out this week with two fundraisers headlined by none other than Mitt Romney and Karl Rove. Comstock’s running against our 100% pro-choice incumbent, Margi Vanderhye. In case you needed a reminder of how egregious Barbara Comstock is, we thought we’d repost this video of her and Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

Please try to get out and volunteer with Margi’s campaign. To defeat this anti-choice zealot, she’s going to need help!


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  1. Glenn Shean says:

    McDonnell is a button down collar religious zealot who is every bit as narrow minded as Pat Robinson, his publicity handlers have worked to coach him into the moderate facade he needs to win even in Virginia. Don’t be fooled this guy is a chameleon and you will see the true McDonnell if God forbid he is ever elected.

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