Which anti-choice surrogate is campaigning with McDonnell today?

Ahh yes, it’s Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota (one-time possible VP nominee for McCain) and staunch anti-choice advocate. Given all the press surrounding McDonnell’s thesis and agenda to take away reproductive healthcare from women, we’d think a staunchly anti-choice surrogate wouldn’t bode too well.
Governor Pawlenty dubs himself as “a strong and vocal supporter of pro-life issues,” and earned a 0% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota in 2001, and continues to support initiatives that take away funding from prevention and reproduction health services. This sounds right in line with Bob McDonnell!
Pawlenty spoke at the 2007 March for Life conducted by Minnesota Citizens Concerns for Life, statingpawlenty “We are gathered here to say that there is no liberty greater than the right to life. We’re here to affirm that we need to extend that right to the most vulnerable among us, and that is the unborn,” he said. We’re wondering what he’s planning on saying when it comes to McDonnell’s belief that birth control is illogical?

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