McDonnell Airs New Radio Ad- Defending Thesis?

We’re a bit shocked that Bob McDonnell could still think there’s anything worth defending in the thesis he wrote for his masters at Regents University, but loe and behold, he does, and his campaign had launched a radio ad acknowledging it. The Washington Post’s blog covers the story but here’s the text of the ad:

Female narrator: Creigh Deeds is attacking Bob McDonnell over a decades-old graduate school paper. Editorials say Deeds’s recent political attacks smack of desperation and Bob McDonnell had the edge in setting the agenda.

The Washington Post says McDonnell’s campaign is focusing on jobs. The Post criticizes Deeds for having no transportation plan, while commending the specificity of McDonnell’s transportation proposals.

As attorney general, Bob McDonnell stiffened domestic violence laws and passed the nation’s toughest sexual predator laws to protect women and children. Ninety percent of McDonnell’s proposals passed with bipartisan support.

As a legislator McDonnell offered child-care support for working moms.

Bob McDonnell’s values are found in raising three daughters to be strong, independent, successful women — including his oldest who served as a platoon leader in Iraq. Bob McDonnell, the problem-solving jobs governor

McDonnell: I’m Bob McDonnell, candidate for governor, and this ad was paid for by McDonnell for Governor.


We think it’s interesting that McDonnell’s campaign spent all of last week stating that the thesis was 20 years old and therefore, representative of a simple academic exercise. Yet, the campaign is spending money defending it, and McDonnell’s stance on women. Somehow, the two don’t match, and we’re wondering why he didn’t address his comments about ‘birth control being illogical for married couples.’ Perhaps it has something to do with his voting record…


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