Anti-Choice Incumbent Spotlight: Delegate G. Glenn Oder

Since his election in 2002, Glenn Oder has been dealing one blow after another to reproductive rights. Some politicians gradually turn anti-choice over time (see: Tom Rust), but at least Oder has been consistent: he’s been earning an embarrassing 0% from NARAL Virginia all eight years that he’s been at work in Richmond.

During his tenure in the House of Delegates, Oder has seized every available opportunity to vote against choice: from voting to require doctors to offer ultrasounds to women seeking abortions, to prohibiting Medicaid from covering abortion even in cases of rape and incest, to voting to declare that life begins at conception.

But Glenn Oder’s commitment to restricting reproductive rights goes beyond the occasional yea or nay when anti-choice bills come up for a vote – he’s also actively co-patroned a number of bills to restrict reproductive rights.

  • In 2004 and in 2005, he co-patroned bills requiring doctors to provide anesthesia to fetuses during abortions after the 20th week – a bill that conveyed a misleading level of certainty about fetal pain when many doctors believe it does not occur until later in the pregnancy.
  • In 2002 and again in 2003, Oder co-patroned bills requiring parental consent for abortion for minors. While these may sound like a fine idea in theory, no law can create healthy family relationships. Parental consent laws seriously endanger girls with abusive or unsupportive parents, often delaying their ability to receive an abortion and thus increasing the risk of medical complications, or forcing them to cross state lines to receive medical care.
  • Oder co-patroned HB 2868 in 2005, setting unnecessary regulations for abortion clinics on matters as inconsequential as architecture – regulations that are often prohibitively expensive to meet, and enacted to intentionally put preproductive health care clinics out of business.
  • And finally, he co-patroned the bill authorizing the Choose Life license plates – the ones that send state money straight to fake clinics, those CPCs that we’ve been talking about recently.

But the good news is, voters in the 94th district have a great opportunity to make Virginia a friendlier place for choice – and a great candidate ready to take Oder’s spot in Richmond. As the father of two daughters, Gary West understands the importance of safeguarding women’s access to reproductive health care. He will support comprehensive measures that improve women’s health care and reduce the need for abortion – like improving access to contraception, an obvious solution that Glenn Oder has stubbornly refused to consider. Women of the 94th district deserve a delegate who will work for them, not against them – and that’s why NARAL is proud to endorse Gary West!

 Visit Gary’s website to learn more about this pro-choice candidate!


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