Anti-Choice Incumbent Spotlight: Delegate Jackson Miller HD 50

jackson millerSince being elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2006, Jackson Miller has jumped on every opportunity to vote against women’s health. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, he received an appalling 0% score on the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia legislative scorecard. The scorecard documents all votes related to women’s reproductive health, including access to birth control, restrictions on comprehensive healthcare clinics, and state funding for medically-deceptive crisis pregnancy centers. It’s clear that Delegate Miller is a anti-choice, conservative politician who will not hesitate to further restrict a woman’s access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare if given the opportunity.

This past session, Delegate Miller voted for HB 2579, mandating that physicians complete a medically unnecessary ultrasound before performing an abortion. Apart from being unnecessary and invasive to women’s health, ultrasounds are expensive and require trained medical personnel. In light of the national health care debate and current economic recession, it is concerning that Delegate Miller is willing to impose unnecessary and expensive healthcare regulations on Virginian voters merely to advance his personal, anti-choice political agenda. Virginia does not need more unnecessary restrictions on women’s health. We need responsible and effective legislation that will actually address the problems at hand.

Additionally, Delegate Miller recently acted to streamline state funding to anti-choice, medically inaccurate crisis pregnancy centers through the sale of the new “Choose Life” license plates. Not only is he helping to fund these centers through tax-payers’ money, but he is allowing three of them to exist in his own backyard! Click here to learn more about crisis pregnancy centers in Virginia, the lies they are telling women about their health, and what actions you can take to fight back.

A horrifying 60 delegates scored 0% in 2009! No wonder Virginia is one of the most anti-choice states in the nation. With leaders such as Jackson Miller and Bob McDonnell, Virginian women consistently face new restrictions and regulations on their reproductive health. We need to make sure that Delegate Miller and his anti-choice coalition do not have another legislative year to further curtail women’s health.


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