Anti-Choice Incumbent Spotlight: Delegate Phillip Hamilton, HD 93

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and the voters in the 93rd House District are ready for a Pro-Choice change! That’s why we just endorsed Robin Abbot for delegate.  As an attorney and community activist, Abbot has been an avid supporter of women’s reproductive rights for years. And she’s a much-needed change from vocally anti-choice Delegate Philip Hamilton!

Delegate Hamilton
Delegate Hamilton

For the past three years, Delegate Phil Hamilton has received a whopping 0% rating on NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s Reproductive Rights scorecard. In fact, Delegate Hamilton has been a strong advocate for the especially onerous TRAP laws, voting in support of HB 894, that would force abortion providers to meet unnecessary architectural and procedural regulations, all for the ultimate goal of making it difficult for them to help women. What’s more is that Delegate Hamilton did this as chairman of the Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee of the House, someone appointed to a position of power in order to protect the health of the Commonwealth’s citizens.

As the Washington Post reported in 2007, the House of Delegates approved a plan that would require clinics to meet these fabricated standards, but the measure died in a Senate committee. Delegate Hamilton, suggesting that reproductive healthcare clinics don’t abide by any standards, stated, “Veterinary clinics are regulated to a higher degree than abortion clinics, and to me, abortion is an invasive procedure and ought to be regulated at least to the same degree,” said Del. Hamilton.”

TRAP regulations have very little, if anything, to do with health-based regulations. They’re entirely political, called ‘targeted regulation of abortion providers’ intentionally, and with Delegate Hamilton at the helm, aim to hurt women by making abortions inaccessible. If Delegate Hamilton had his way with HB 894, 18 Virginian abortion providers would have been shut down.

Aside from voting in favor of TRAP laws, Delegate Hamilton voted YES on a bill that would have required a physician to tell a patient that a fetus at 20 weeks can feel pain, mandating fetal anesthesia. There’s no scientific evidence to suggest this is true, though there are many studies that prove that fetal anesthesia actually increases health risks for a woman during an abortion procedure. What does Delegate Hamilton actually care about- women’s health or political ideology?

 It’s time to end Delegate Hamilton’s representation of Virginia’s 93rd House district! Please join NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia by supporting Robin Abbot in November. Check out Abbot’s website for information on how to get involved in her campaign and help protect a woman’s right to choose!



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