Anti-Choice Candidate Spotlight: Barbara Comstock (R-34)

Dig just barely below the surface, and you’ll uncover aspects of Barbara Comstock’s background and experience that are more than troublesome to those of us concerned about supporting reproductive rights and healthcare. Comstock, who is challenging ardently pro-choice Delegate Margi Vanderhye in Virginia’s 34th House District this November, is a zealous pro-life politician who won’t hesitate to enact laws restricting a woman’s right to choose if given the opportunity.

Comstock’s long list of political connections within the Bush-Romney Republican Party would be enough to put up red flags in the minds of pro-choice voters. But, her ties to anti-choice politicians and ideological anti-choice agendas go back much further. In the 1990s, Comstock served as a senior aide to Congressman Frank Wolf, who cosponsored the ‘Partial-Birth’ Abortion Ban Act of 2003. She then served as the Director of the Office of Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of Justice, defending the Bush Administration’s anti-choice judicial appointments. Most recently, Comstock served as a consultant for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Just in case you may have forgotten, Governor Romney publically supported overturning Roe v. Wade, enacting a constitutional amendment to ban abortions nation-wide, and self-identifies as “firmly pro-life.”

But, there’s more! We dug even deeper into Comstock’s past and discovered a video clip of a 2008 interview between Comstock, Chris Matthews and Cecile Richards, the current President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Check it out here.

During the interview, not only does Comstock reveal her extreme, right-wing views regarding women’s health, but she fails to even understand the abortion procedures being discussed. In response to Matthews’ question regarding health exceptions to late-term abortion bans, Comstock simply states that if a woman is facing a health risk during her third trimester, she should just go in and have the baby, completely rejecting the medical reality that some pregnancies can develop into life threatening situations. Using language such as “execute” and “deliver a dead baby,” Comstock goes so far as to imply that late term abortions are a form of infanticide.

MargiDelegate Vanderhye has been an invaluable protector of women’s reproductive health in the Virginia State Legislature. She recognizes that protecting women’s reproductive health includes more than the narrow minded, ineffective debate over partial-birth abortions that the Republican Party is currently relying on. That is why she was the chief-patron of the Every Woman’s Life Breast and Cervical Cancer Fund, securing financial support for underserved and uninsured women facing breast and cervical cancer.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is committed to making sure that Barbara Comstock does not have the opportunity to harm women’s reproductive freedom in Virginia. Join us by voting for Delegate Vanderhye and protecting women’s rights throughout the state! Visit Margi’s website to learn more about what you can do to support a true pro-choice Delegate!


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  1. Heil Mary says:

    I’m disgusted by Disgusted’s murderous contempt for all women’s right to life and right to avoid stinky childbirth bladder and bowel incontinence. When will zygote idolators grow up and realize the Vatican’s ban on all family planning is to leave no pedophile priest without a child’s behind to molest? Comstock should be criminally prosecuted for her criminal Munchausen by Proxy exploitation of women as throwaway breeders for PEDOPHILE NAZIS!

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