Delegate Marshall and Attorney General McDonnell: Quite the Dynamic Anti-Choice Duo- Virginia ‘Partial Birth’ Abortion Ban Upheld

For anyone who still thinks Bob McDonnell is a moderate, please reconsider. We offer the following story:

Way back in 2003, before the Supreme Court voted in favor of Gonzalez vs. Carhart, creating the so-called “Partial Birth Abortion Ban,” which fails to allow for any exceptions for the woman’s health, Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall introduced HB 1541: Partial birth infanticide.  

Despite medical providers testifying that the Intact Dilation and Extraction procedure (often times mistakenly called “Partial Birth Abortion”) was necessary in many cases to protect the woman’s health, Delegate Bob Marshall introduced far-reaching legislation, prohibiting such a procedure, and targeting doctors who would perform it, making medical providers liable under Class 4 Felony charges.

Delegate Marshall’s bill, HB 1541 was struck down in a 2-1 U.S. Court of Appeals panel ruling in 2005, citing its intent to criminalize medical providers for performing a procedure that is sometimes medically necessary to save a woman’s life. The ruling also struck down the law based on its far-reaching state restrictions that went beyond federal ruling.

But then the Supreme Court decided to uphold the federal statute in Gonzalez, criminalizing doctors on the federal level for performing a sometimes medically-necessary procedure. And so we worried that Delegate Marshall’s HB 1541 might resurface. And so it did, thanks to Attorney General Bob McDonnell…

On Wednesday, June 24th, per the urging of Attorney General Bob McDonnell (yes, the same Bob McDonnell who is now running for Governor and claiming to be a moderate), the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear the ruling again. And in a 6-5 decision, reversed the 2005 Court’s decision. Virginia now has a state ruling that goes even farther than the federal ban on Intact Dilation and Extraction. There is no provision for a woman’s health, and doctors are going to be criminalized.

Attorney General Bob McDonnell, known for his anti-choice stances, knew full-well what he was doing in his request for the court to reconsider the decision. And he knows full-well that Virginia’s new “Partial-Birth Ban” goes even farther to harm doctors and women.


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  1. annie says:

    I really hope people are paying attention to McDonnell’s unacceptable stances.

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