Anti-Choice Incumbent Spotlight: Delegate Tom Rust (R-86)

This week, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia proudly announced its endorsement of Stevens Miller for Virginia’s 86th District. A current Loudoun County Supervisor, Miller is an easy pick over incumbent Thomas Rust for anyone concerned with protecting a women’s right to choose.

For the past four years, Delegate Rust was awarded a less than 50% score on the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia legislative score card. Just this past year, Rust voted yes for six-different anti-choice legislation receiving a dismal 0% — an all time low. Rust signed onto HB 2579, mandating that doctors perform a medically unnecessary ultrasound before an abortion. This requirement would have increased the waiting time and cost of an abortion which adversely impact already at-risk low-income women. Additionally, Rust voted for even more unnecessary restrictions on providers of first trimester abortions, including medically irrelevant staffing and architectural requirements for women’s health clinics.  

Most notably, Rust voted for the new “Choose Life” license plates that will be hitting the roads July 1st. What is the most concerning about Rust’s support for these plates is not that they project pro-life views, but that the $15 from the sale of each of these plates will be funneled directly into Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), fake medical clinics that tell women medically inaccurate information about abortion, breast cancer, infertility and birth control. Shouldn’t our state legislatures be concerned about our women receiving medically inaccurate information? Why then, are they actively sending state money to support these dangerous clinics?

Delegate Rust claims to be dedicated to improving our education system. But having an educated public includes what is taught beyond the walls of our public schools. Our teachers are not our only educators. Doctors, nurses, and even state representatives educate our public on a daily basis about the issues that matter most to our immediate lives, and the state should be supporting medically accurate education. With the sale of the first “Choose Life” license plate, Delegate Rust began endorsing the clinics responsible for telling our women medically false information about their health and bodies. In doing so, he turned his back on his commitment to a strong public education system.

Delegate Rust’s time as the 86th District’s Representative has come to an end. Join us in November in voting for Stevens Miller and protecting women’s reproductive health throughout the State! Visit Stevens’ website to learn more about what you can do to support a true pro-choice candidate!


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