Fake Clinics In Our Backyard


You’ve most likely seen ads similar to this one- while riding the Metro, the bus, driving past the image on a billboard. They seem helpful, harmless, safe. But in reality, these advertisements are targeting women who are facing unintended pregnancies, and advocating crisis pregnancy centers, fake clinics that keep reproductive health information from women.

There are over 65 crisis pregnancy centers in Virginia, and many of them are giving Virginian women intentionally false and medically inaccurate information about their reproductive health! And now, because of the new “Choose Life” license plate, hitting cars on July 1st, State money ($25 from each of these vanity plates) is going directly to these fake clinics!

That’s where you come in- we’re looking for some pro-choice advocates to help us in our public education and awareness raising project about these CPCs (crisis pregnancy centers). We sent out mail alerting people to these CPCs and asking them to sign a pledge card, asking our legislators to ensure that State funding does not go to these medically inaccurate centers.

We’ll be phone banking and door knocking throughout the next two months- if you’re interested, please email Emily@naralva.org and we’ll be thrilled to have you join us. We’ll train you, give you all the materials you need, and of course, have free pizza. Help us protect choice!


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