Anti-Choice Candidate Spotlight: Dr. Christopher Stolle

Virginia’s House of Delegates already has one vehemently anti-choice doctor harming Virginians’ access to comprehensive reproductive health care. We surely don’t need another. Rabidly anti-choice OB/GYN Christopher Stolle is running against Delegate Joe Bouchard, who has been a champion of reproductive rights. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC has endorsed Delegate Bouchard, and is committed to ensuring that Dr. Chris Stolle does not become the 83rd District’s new delegate.

Delegate Bouchard beat Dr. Stolle before, and we’re poised to help him do it again. With a 100% Pro-Choice voting record per NARAL pro-Choice Virginia’s Legislative Scorecard, Delegate Bouchard has been a strong advocate for women’s reproductive health, and is committed to continuing along this path.

We can say Dr. Stolle is anti-choice, but that’s not quite enough. To capture a full picture of just how far Delegate Bouchard’s competitor is willing to go, we dug through some campaign archives and unearthed one of Dr. Stolle’s mail pieces from the 2007 Republican primary. On the mail piece, Dr. Stolle included text which said, “As your next Delegate, Dr. Chris Stolle will fight to protect innocent life from the moment of conception until natural death. He is proudly pro-life and has dedicated his life to bringing new life into the world. He will be a powerful voice for pro-life Virginians.” Virginian women do not need another legislator further restricting their reproductive health. As an OB/GYN, Dr. Stolle should know better than to use women’s health and access to care to advance an ideological political agenda.

The mail piece continues, reading “Chris strongly supports proposals that will further limit abortion in Virginia. He supports requiring stronger informed consent laws so mothers considering abortion truly understand that it ends the life of their baby…” This tells us that Dr. Stolle not only wants to further limit comprehensive reproductive health care, but he doesn’t trust that women can make decisions about their own bodies. We don’t need another fervidly anti-choice Delegate!

Check out Delegate Bouchard’s website to learn more about how you can get involved in his campaign, and protect women’s reproductive health in the 83rd District!


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