Reclaim the 42nd District for Choice: Albo’s Attacks on Women

It’s time for round two, and Greg Werkheiser is up for the challenge of becoming the 42nd District’s new House Delegate. When Greg Werkheiser went head-to-head with current incumbent Delegate Albo in 2005, Delegate Albo eked out a slim victory. But this time, with a NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia endorsement, an energized Obama-winning district, and many dedicated grassroots activists, Greg Werkheiser is in prime position to replace egregiously anti-choice Delegate Albo.

While Delegate Albo claims to be moderate, and refrains from alerting voters to his anti-choice views and voting record, we know his history. Let’s take a glance at just a few of his past actions that earned him a ZERO on NARAL Virginia’s 2008 Legislative Scorecard, a mere 25% on 2007’s, and another zero on the scorecard for 2006. For the past three years, Albo has consistently voted to make decisions for women, claiming to know more about their reproductive health needs as a politician than a licensed medical care provider.

Just this past winter, we blogged that Delegate Albo had lied to his constituents, denying his vote on a budget amendment to actively defund Planned Parenthood. But when it comes to reproductive rights, either you support a woman’s ability to make informed decisions about her birth control, pregnancy, and health care, or you don’t. And judging by Delegate Albo’s voting record over the last few years, he surely does not.

Delegate Albo, in 2008 alone, voted for HB2579 which mandates doctors perform a medically unnecessary ultrasound before performing an abortion, a tactic used to undermine the decision a woman has already made. Delegate Albo also voted for HB2634, which advances political agendas over sound science and medicine, suggesting that fetuses might feel pain, a medically unsubstantiated claim, and forces women to undergo especially biased counseling before making a decision about their pregnancies. Then add to the list Delegate Albo’s “Yes” on SB 817, the Choose Life License Plate bill, authorizing a funding stream for crisis pregnancy centers which often provide medically false information.

We should also note Delegate Albo’s vote for HB 1600, Amendment 301 #2h, one of those especially onerous TRAP law regulations. This amendment, patroned by Delegate Bob Marshall, sought to make first trimester abortion providers abide by extraneous and medically unnecessary staffing, equipment, procedural, and architectural requirements.

Delegate Albo has a reputation for steadfastly holding his ground when it comes to taking away a woman’s abilities to choose. In 2008, Delegate Albo voted three times in-a-row for HB 1126, a bill that would charge women with a Class 4 felony for inducing a miscarriage. Women facing unintended pregnancies should not be charged as criminals.

The residents of the 42nd District don’t need a politician dispensing what is clearly medical guidance. It’s time for Delegate Albo to go. Help us elect Greg Werkheiser for Delegate! Click here to visit Greg’s website, and sign up to volunteer this summer!


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