NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Unveils 2009 Legislative Scorecard

We here at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia are proud to release our 2009 Virginia Legislative Voting Record on Choice.  It’s a comprehensive look at how members of the General Assembly voted on legislation impacting reproductive rights and health in Virginia.

You can take a look at the complete scorecard (and see how YOUR legislator scored) by visiting our website.

(If you’re not sure who your state legislators are, you can find them here.)

The scorecard is full of important information about the status of choice in VIrginia–but what strikes me the most is this stat:  56% of the state legislature received a ZERO rating on reproductive rights votes!

In a state where 60% of those polled say they think abortion should be legal in all or most cases, it’s clear that anti-choice legislators are out of touch with the majority of Virginians who are tired of divisive attacks on a woman’s right to choose.  That’s why this year, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia will be working hard to elect more pro-choice members of the House of Delegates.  Join us by signing up to volunteer today!


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  1. Lauren says:

    nice blog, and great job on the scorecard! I was proud to discover my delegates both voted 100% pro-choice. I used your letter to send them thank yous!

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