QUICK HIT: Gov. Kaine Signs Choose Life License Plate Bill

Today Governor Kaine announced that he will sign SB 817, which authorizes the creation of a “Choose Life” license plate and will funnel thousands of dollars to anti-choice, deceptive “crisis pregnancy centers.”

Read the Governor’s statement here.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s statement is below.  In the meantime, please contact Governor Kaine and express your disappointment.

Kaine Signs “Choose Life” License Plate Legislation

Money generated by “Choose Life” license plates will fund anti-choice “fake clinics”

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Today NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia expressed its deep disappointment in Governor Kaine’s decision to sign SB817, a bill that authorizes the creation of Choose Life license plates and creates a state-approved funding stream for crisis pregnancy centers.

“We are disappointed that Governor Kaine refused to recognize that when faced with an unintended pregnancy, women need information, not ideology,” said Tarina Keene, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.  “In their zeal to prevent women from accessing abortion services, crisis pregnancy centers frequently mislead women about their options and completely disregard the neutrality that is a commonly accepted tenet of counseling.  Organizations like these should not benefit from a state-approved funding stream.”

Keene continued, “Even with a pro-choice president in the White House, the battle to protect reproductive rights and health rages on at the state level.  This reiterates what we already knew—elections matter, and we must remain vigilant and ensure that pro-choice candidates are elected to the Virginia House of Delegates and executive branch this November.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia welcomes the help of organizations that provide assistance to women who have decided to carry an unplanned pregnancy to term. The problem with the vast majority of crisis pregnancy centers is that they deliberately conceal their true agenda from women who seek their services and then often provide biased and inaccurate information about the options available to them.  Here is a summary of well-documented crisis pregnancy center tactics:

  • Most “crisis pregnancy centers” are not licensed medical facilities and do not offer comprehensive, accurate information about the range of options available to women facing unintended pregnancies.
  • They are often set up as non-profit organizations and are staffed primarily by volunteers who have no medical training and routinely offer medically inaccurate information to women.
  • Some CPCs intentionally choose their name to mislead women into believing that they offer a wide range of services, including family planning and abortion services; A Women’s Choice, a CPC in Falls Church, Virginia, is one example.
  • In an effort to scare women away from considering abortion, some CPCs provide inaccurate information about the “consequences” of abortion – including false claims that abortion causes breast cancer, sterility, and psychological damage.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia works to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children and choosing legal abortion.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Giovanni says:

    You guys deserted Hillary in the primary, now Obama’s nominee for party boss deserts you. SERVES YOU RIGHT.

    HILLARY ’12

  2. Kate says:

    Really Gio? Regardless of whether I agree with NARAL’s decision to endorse (on the NATIONAL level mind you – this is a state level NARAL chapter here), it’s pretty shitty of you to say they “deserve” this.

    Besides, that isn’t the issue here.

    The issue is that a Dem. governor signed an anti-choice bill when (a) it goes against his party’s values and (b) goes against the values of the people he represents.

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