Ask Governor Kaine to VETO Choose Life License Plates!

The Choose Life license plate bill has passed both houses of the legislature and will now be before the Governor. If you haven’t already, please contact Governor Kaine and ask him to veto SB817.

Supporters of the plate are calling us “’pro-choicers’ who are against choice.” So let me just clarify for those a little too slow on the uptake:

• We are opposed to the “choice” that crisis pregnancy centers make to berate and coerce women who have come to them for help in a difficult situation.

• We are opposed to the “choice” some CPC staffers make to lie to women about the gestational age of their pregnancies in order to convince them that they no longer have the option of having an abortion.

• We are opposed to the “choice” that CPCs make to lie to women about the risks of abortion (claiming, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary, that abortion causes breast cancer, infertility, and “post-abortion syndrome.”)

• We are opposed to the “choice” of anti-choice legislators to pretend like authorizing a license plate does anything to reduce the need for abortion, to improve healthcare for women, or to encourage adoption, when all it really does it give them something to brag to their base about in an election year.

If you want to “choose” to make a political statement on your car, get yourself a bumper sticker. It’s pretty simple; in fact, I have one on my car right now!


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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer says:

    If you want to talk about lies look at the way Planned Parenthood instructs underage kids to lie about their ages so they won’t need to get parental consent. And then there’s the systematic coverup of statutory rape by adult men who prey on minors. Do you have a problem with that? I worked at a crisis pregnancy center. We didn’t coerce anyone. We gave them the facts they were denied at the abortion mill next door. One young woman who was almost killed by the abortionist (She ended up with a total hysterectomy in her 20s) came to us just to talk. She’s one of the saddest women I ever met. Abortion doesn’t help women, it hurts them. When I sidewalked counseled in Alexandria I saw many men practically drag women in for “her choice.” If she expressed any hesitation when we talked to her, the guy would say, WE’VE ALREADY DECIDED. He was there to make sure she made the choice he wanted her to. What do you think about all the women from Silent No More who regret their abortions? Or do you just pretend they don’t exist?

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