Help Prevent State Funding of Crisis Pregnancy Centers!

Imagine you are a woman facing an unintended pregnancy. After careful consideration, you decide to obtain an abortion and schedule an appointment at a clinic listed under “abortion services” in your local phone book. When you arrive for your appointment you are lectured, given misinformation about the risks of abortion, and refused referrals to actual abortion providers.

Imagine your surprise when you realize you are not at a legitimate reproductive health care clinic, but rather have been fooled into visiting a crisis pregnancy center.

How would you feel if the state legislature passed a bill that could funnel up to $65,000 per month to organizations like this one?

The Senate Committee on Transportation will vote this Thursday on SB 801, a bill to authorize the creation of special license plates bearing the legend “Choose Life.” A portion of the funds generated from the sale of these plates would be distributed to crisis pregnancy centers in Virginia.

If your senator is on the Committee of Transportation (below), contact them TODAY and help us prevent state funding of the over 70 crisis pregnancy centers in Virginia!

Facts About Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

  • The “crisis pregnancy centers” that will be the recipients of this funding are not licensed medical facilities and do not offer comprehensive, accurate information about the range of options available to women facing unintended pregnancies.
  • They are often set up as non-profit organizations and are staffed primarily by volunteers who have no medical training.
  • Some CPCs intentionally choose their name to mislead women into believing that they offer a wide range of services, including family- planning and abortion services.
  • In an effort to scare women away from considering abortion, some CPCs provide false propaganda about the “consequences” of abortion—including false claims that abortion causes breast cancer, sterility, and psychological damage.

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